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Easy and Fun Embeds for Your Digital Workplace!

Embed Widget
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Looking for a simple and effective way to enhance your digital workplace? With our latest enhancements, the Embed widget is now more user-friendly than ever. Choose from a variety of sources like 🌦️ weather, 📈 stocks, 🐦 Twitter, 👔 Linkedin, ▶️ YouTube, and more, and simply select the template to add the desired content to your digital workplace. No need to worry about complex coding or technical know-how. Our templates make it simple and hassle-free to add engaging content that keeps your users informed and entertained.


Embed widget - demo weather


But that's not all! With our improved Embed widget, you can easily customize parameters for each source to tailor the content to your users' specific interests and preferences. Admins and users have the flexibility to define custom sources and parameters, creating a personalized and unique digital workplace that reflects your users' interests and priorities.


Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to a seamless and enjoyable experience with our simplified widget configuration. Our user-friendly and intuitive settings make it easy for admins and users to set up and customize the embedded content according to their preferences. Upgrade your digital workplace with Ichicraft Boards' improved Embed widget and unlock a world of possibilities for your users.


In addition to the enhanced Embed widget, we also offer a service to create a social feed from multiple sources like Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. If you're interested in providing a dynamic and engaging social media feed for your digital workplace, simply contact us to learn more about our solutions. 💬


Try the improved Embed widget now and take your digital workplace to the next level.