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App Launcher Widget now comes with Seamless Integration with Azure Virtual Desktop

App Launcher Widget
New Feature

The App Launcher Widget has leveled up with a significant enhancement: seamless integration with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). This transformative upgrade is designed to make app configuration management a breeze, combining functionality and simplicity like never before.


The Upgrade in a Nutshell

Envision a scenario where integration with AVD is as simple as flipping a switch, and you've got the essence of this upgrade. Once the integration is activated, an AVD placeholder emerges within the widget’s layout. The purpose of this placeholder is to specify the loading location for these applications. Given the unique app assignments for each user, the use of a placeholder ensures a dynamic and personalized app loading experience.

To visualize this simplified process, check out the animated image below. It illustrates how in a few short steps, admins can seamlessly incorporate AVD into our App Launcher Widget, ensuring maximum flexibility and personalization for their users.


Activate Azure Virtual Desktop integration


User can customize

This upgrade redefines the user experience. Now, AVD hosted applications dynamically populate the user's workspace, bridging the divide between virtual and physical environments. Moreover, users can customize their digital workspace by arranging their virtualized applications to their liking, fostering a highly personalized and efficient work environment.




Key Benefits Overview


1️⃣ Seamless Workflows: Automatically populating assigned AVD apps guarantees an intuitive digital experience for users.


2️⃣ Enhanced Efficiency: Administrators can manage AVD app assignment in AVD, saving time for more strategic operations.


3️⃣ Unprecedented Flexibility: Users' ability to rearrange apps allows for a highly customized and productive workspace.


Compatibility Assurance


As Microsoft debuts this feature, compatibility is ensured. The integration feature is designed to run smoothly with the Windows Remote Desktop Client version 1.2.4065 or later.


Experience this new stride in the evolution of digital workspaces. Embrace the power of seamless integration and enhance your efficiency with the turbocharged App Launcher Widget.